Library Meeting Room Use Policy

Fresno County Public Library meeting rooms are provided as a public service for use by community groups when not in use for Library affiliated events. The Library reserves the right to restrict or deny usage.

To assure the widest and best use of the Meeting Rooms, the following regulations and procedures are in accordance to Fresno County Management Directive, 1790 - Public Use of County Facilities.

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The Meeting Rooms are available to the general public, non-profit organizations, and community groups for public meetings when there is no library sponsored activity scheduled.

No permit shall be denied because of the subject matter of the meeting or views that might be expressed at the meeting.

Cost to the Public

There is no charge for open, public meetings/activities during regular operating hours. A service charge may be required for after hours use, where permitted.

The organization will be charged for any damage to library property beyond normal wear and tear and for any special cleaning required.

Conditions of Use

Meetings must be free and open to the public. There shall be no admission charges, no solicitation for donations, and no selling of products or services at the meetings.

The occupant capacity for the rooms, as determined by the Fire Marshall and posted on the wall placard, must be observed at all times.

Room set-up and take-down is the responsibility of the organization reserving the meeting room. Instructions for handling the stacking of tables and chairs must be followed.

Applicants are responsible for returning the meeting room to its original order. Failure to do so will result in the group or organization being ineligible to use the facility again.

Program Content:

All programs will be non-commercial in content.

No individual or organization who presents a program at the library for public attendance is allowed to sell a product or service or collect names, addresses, and phone numbers of attendees during their presentation or during their time at the library. However authors, musicians, and filmmakers will be allowed to sell their books, music CDs, and DVDs at library sponsored programs.   A Library-sponsored program is one which we organize or partner with another organization to organize and present the program.

Prohibited Activities

No Commercial Vendors - County Ordinance 13.24.010B.3
No Campaign or Political Activity - County Ordinance 3.08.110A3
No Smoking - County Ordinance 8.320.80
No Alcohol - County Ordinance 13.24.010B1
No Firearms - County Ordinance 13.24.010A2
No Gambling - County Ordinance 13.24.010A3
No Open Flames (including candles) - Library Policy

Permission may also be denied to individuals or groups wishing to book meeting facilities for parties, receptions, or other private social events.


Scheduling will be determined by each branch.

Library-sponsored events take priority.

Generally, meeting rooms are available only during the Library's normal business hours. Arrangements for other times should be coordinated via phone or in-person with the Library Supervisor.

Booking multiple reservations is not possible and branches will not allow reservations to be made more than a month in advance. Exceptions can be made, however ultimate discretion is left up to the specific branch.

The Library reserves the right to deny meeting room use requests which conflict with library sponsored events or use policies.


The applicant must inform the Library at least one week in advance of any meeting cancellations. Failure to notify the Library within the requested time may result in loss of future meeting room privileges. Notifying the Library of cancellations ensures that another group or organization has access to the meeting room.

Room Equipment

Available equipment varies by branch, but may include: tables, chairs, dry erase boards, podiums, and retractable screens. Please refer to each individual room's application form for complete details.

The Public Address System (where available) consists of microphones, cables, and assisted listening devices and may be checked out to the group and/or individual. Items must be returned in good working condition. A replacement fee will be charged for any equipment damaged or not returned.

Kitchens (where available) contain a microwave and refrigerator. Light refreshments or snacks may be served. Cooking and/or food preparation will not be allowed, except in a commercial kitchen facility. Dishes, flatware, and serving utensils are not provided. Applicants are responsible for returning the kitchen to its original order. Failure to do so may result in the group or organization being ineligible to use the facility again.

Insurance and Responsibility

Fresno County insurance does not cover exhibits, materials, or equipment brought into the library.

The Library assumes no responsibility for personal property loss and provides no insurance or supervision.

Additional Conditions

The Library reserves the right to require additional conditions be met prior to issuance of a permit. These conditions may include, but are not limited to, insurance certification, additional security, cleaning deposits, materials/items permitted in the room, etc.


Fresno County Public Library assumes no responsibility for any views expressed during public meetings held in the library.


Library Branch meeting rooms may be used no later than 11:00 pm.

Library staff cannot take telephone messages for individuals using the meeting room.

The Library does not provide computer equipment. Telephones (where provided) can be used for local calls ONLY.

Mounting is permitted on tack-able surfaces ONLY.

Distribution of pamphlets, leaflets, etc., by persons or organizations using the meeting room will not be permitted outside of the room.

The lobby areas are not to be considered a part of the meeting room.

The group/organization is responsible for the supervision of all children who may accompany adult participants.

Library staff or security personnel will Enforce all Library/County policies and Rules of Conduct.

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