Our STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS set the course for our priorities and activities from 2012-2015.

  1. Support Educational and Learning Opportunities
    • Expand and strengthen the Library’s role in supporting early literacy education to promote
      school readiness.
    • Contribute to educational achievement by supporting student learning.
    • Support self-directed learning by enhancing resources.
    • Contribute to the economic development of our community.
  2. Foster Community Connections
    • Provide positive customer experiences.
    • Anticipate and respond to the evolving needs and expectations of individual communities.
    • Develop programs and services targeted to individual needs and interests.
  3. Expand and Integrate Technology
    • Provide opportunities to learn and explore new technologies.
    • Provide evolving access.
    • Plan and develop infrastructure to support new technologies.
  4. Increase Public Awareness and Support
    • Heighten public awareness of the Library’s vast resources and services.
    • Develop and sustain increased internal marketing and merchandising activities.
    • Build and strengthen partnerships and collaborations with other organizations.
    • Develop and sustain funding sources.
    • Strengthen relationships with library support groups.
  5. Improve Our Organizational Culture
    • Create a culture of greater accountability and trust.
    • Staff recognition and support.
    • Promote staff commitment to the Library’s mission and shared values.
    • Instill in the Library workforce a mindset that embraces proactive problem solving, creativity and innovation.
    • Develop comprehensive training and professional development programs to increase employee job satisfaction, performance and retention.
    • Improve facilities.