Lost & Expired Cards
  • Lost Cards
    • If your library card is lost or stolen, let us know immediately. You are responsible for any borrowed items.
    • There is a $2.00 replacement fee for a lost card.
  • Expired Cards
    • Library cards expire automatically and can be renewed in person at any Library location or by phone. You may be asked to provide a current photo ID or additional contact information to ensure your account is up to date.
    • The expiration date on your card is visible in the My Account section of our online catalog. Login with your library card number and PIN and go to the Profile section of the Account Overview.
    • For cards issued to customers who live in the Library’s service area: Adult library cards expire every 5 years. For those under 18 years old, expiration is based on age: Baby cards expire at age 3; Child cards expire at age 13; and Teen cards expire at age 18.
    • Cards issued to customers outside the Library’s service area expire at shorter intervals.
    • If your account receives email notices, you will be automatically notified one month before your card expires.
    • If you still have your card at the date of its expiration and wish to renew it, there is no need to apply for a new card.

Contact Us if you have more questions.