The Heritage Center maintains a collection of maps which show Fresno County and its towns throughout various stages of their respective evolutions. Of prime importance are:

  • Official Historical Atlas of Fresno County (Thomas H. Thompson,1891)
  • Atlas of Fresno County (William H. Harvey,1907)
  • Atlas of Fresno County (W.C. Guard, 1909, 1911, 1913)
  • Progressive Atlas of Fresno County (circa 1920, 1935)
  • Real Estate Atlas of Fresno County, California (1966-1981)
  • California Agri-Land, Fresno County (various years, 1978-2007)

There is also a uncatalogued collection of specialty maps which features the entire county, its towns, and some of the USGS quadrangles which include county portions.

Local Fresno County map sources:

Outside map sources including Fresno County: