The Heritage Center has a number of indexes which are valuable to those researching local history and California/genealogical topics:

The California Information File, a microfiche set which indexes the holdings (documents, photographs, published references, etc.) of the California State Library's California section;

Indexes to the Fresno Bee, on microfiche and standard file cards. Coverage of the microcards runs from 1922 to 1986; coverage for the standard cards (the Suhler index) focuses on the 1960s and 1970s, although some of the references pre-date or post-date that time frame. The Bee file from 1986 to the present is searchable electronically at Library Internet terminals. Note: This resource is most useful for feature article content; some items, such as obituary rosters and paid funeral notices, might not be available from this database.

The San Francisco Newspaper Indexes for 1904-1980, on microfiche;

The San Joaquin Valley Information Index, on standard cards and covering mostly the 1960s and 1970s;

And the Fresno Genealogical Society's Obituary Index, on standard cards and containing data from 1962 onward, although coverage is most complete since the late 1970s.