Fresno County Cemeteries #1 and #2 (Potters Fields/ indigents) burial list 1888 - 2018

This file was compiled from several sources. There are duplicates, some intentional. There are some missing records, especially from 1895-1909. Volunteers from the Fresno County Library and Fresno County Genealogical Society (sponsor of this site) created this file from handwritten, typed, and electronic records provided by the County Coroners Office and others. Dates are formatted in Year-Month-Day manner. There are two County cemeteries, "County # 1" & "County # 2". Not all burials were recorded with the correct cemetery designation, so they are marked with a generic "COUNTY" (some history). The entire file may be viewed at the Downtown Library Heritage Center. For deaths after 2016 or burials after 2018, call the Fresno County Coroner's office at 559 600-3400. (burial explanation)    September 13, 2018 burial list may still be seen here.
For 1888 to 2016 burials (September 2018 burials are now included), click on one of the following links to bring up a list of last names that start with those letters (press CTRL+F to search within each letter group).
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