Email Notification Sign Up

The following notices are available via email.

  • Overdue items
  • Pre-overdue alerts 3 days before an item is due
  • Requested items ready for pickup
  • Billing notices
  • Notification one month beore your library card expires

Email Notification FAQ

Q. What if my email address changes?
Log into My Account in the online catalog and click "Review Address/PIN". Enter your new email address and click “Update”. Important! Simply adding or deleting your email address in My Account will not by itself start or stop email notices. You must submit the form above to do that.

Q. Can I receive notices by email and also by phone?
A. No. You must choose one method.

Q. My email has a spam blocker. Will that be a problem?
A. Email services may place email notices in your spam or junk mail folder. Make sure your spam or junk mail folder is set to accept messages from

Q. Can all the members of my family receive their notices at the same email address?
A. Yes, but privacy may be a concern. If family members share one email address, then everyone with access to that mailbox will be able to view the notices.