Photographing, Filming or Videoing Policy


Policy governing filming/photographing/videoing in the Fresno County Public Library is intended to help maintain an appropriate environment for use of the library. The Library, therefore, allows photography and filming in Library facilities and at Library events and programs, under circumstances described herein, and reserves the right to prohibit filming/photographing if it is believed that it interferes with the operations, programs and activities of the Library.

  • Definitions:
    • Casual - amateur; individual/group filming for personal use.
    • Commercial - media, promotional or business use.

Publicity and Privacy

  1. Photographing/filming/videoing may not disrupt library customers' use of the Library.
  2. No photographs/film/video may be taken of an individual that also shows what the individual is reading.
  3. No photographs/film/video may be taken of computer screens in use by customers.

Photography/Filming for Library Use

  1. The Library may utilize photos, films and videos from public programs and events at Library facilities on its Website and in Library publications.
    • Any person photographing, filming or videoing for Library use will comply with all Library Publicity and Privacy policies, including obtaining Photo Video releases of all photo/video subjects.
    • Any customer and/or staff may request not to be photographed, filmed or videoed, and the Library will comply with said request.
  2. Photos, film and videos may be used by the Library on social media site, such as Facebook, which are considered news sites.
    • Photos/film/videos will be limited to ones related to a news story on recent Library events and will not be used to promote future programs.
      • Exceptions: photos with signed releases and large group shots.
    • Photographs of events and programs must be current and will be removed after a short time (approximately two (2) weeks) and when the related events and programs are no longer current and/or news-worthy.
  3. Photos, images, films and videos submitted to the Library by users for online galleries or contests may also be used by the Library for promotional purposes.
    • It is the responsibility of the submitting photographer to obtain all permissions for their work and will be responsible to provide when, and if, requested.
    • The above policy will be stated in the rules for the online gallery or contest.

Photography/Filming by Non-Library Staff

  1. Photographers Videographers must follow the Library policies regarding Publicity and Privacy.

Secondary Entities Use of Library Photos, Films and Videos

  1. Secondary entities may use Library photographs, film or video supplied to them by the Library for marketing Library services and programs ONLY.
  2. Secondary entities may request permission from the County Librarian, or his/her designee, to use Library photographs, film or video for purposes other than marketing Library services and programs; no such use is allowed by the secondary entity prior to their receipt of written permission.

Photo Video Release Form

  1. Retention - Photo Video Release Forms will be kept by the Library for a minimum of six (6) years.

Rev. 4-2016