News and Media Policy


The Fresno County Public Library recognizes the value of Library news in the media as an avenue to advance the Library's mission to enrich lives and build community.


The County Librarian, Associate County Librarian or Public Information Officer (PIO) are the primary Library spokespersons. All requests for interviews, including requests by phone, must be directed to the Public Information Officer, who will work with the County Librarian and Associate County Librarian to determine the most appropriate person to comment on behalf of the Library. The Public Information Officer will work directly with reporters to arrange all interviews.

  1. Reporters are to call Headquarters in advance when they wish to film or photograph at branches. However, due to the nature of the news business, cameras and reporters could show up at any time without advance notice to staff or Library Administration.
  2. Library Administration or the Public Information Officer will contact staff regarding media filming at specific branch locations whenever possible. When circumstances do not allow for advance notification, staff should always handle the situation professionally and courteously. See related "Procedures" document for more information.
  3. Questions regarding these guidelines should be directed to the Public Information Officer during regular business hours at (559) 600-6274 or after hours at (559) 970-1135.

Rev. 9-2017