Rules of Conduct

With public service as the highest priority, the Library has established the rules and regulations governing use, such that all persons may enjoy the benefits of the Library. Individuals visiting or using the Library's facilities or services ("library users") must comply with the following Library User Code of Conduct.

Failure to respect the following guidelines to behavior may result in a one day to permanent ban from Library facilities and may be subject to law enforcement.


  • Threats of violence or violent actions directed at anyone in the Library facility or obstructing or intimidating staff or users of the Library. (CPC §422; CPC §602.1; CPC §415)
  • Verbal communication, including loud profanity, or non-verbal attention that is willful, malicious, or repeated harassment. (CPC §370; CPC §415)
  • Noise or behavior that is disruptive to library use, including use of personal communications or entertainment devices. (CPC §370; CPC §415)
  • Using Library facilities, including restrooms, for other than their intended purpose, such as: loitering, sleeping, bathing (except washing hands), shampooing, shaving, personal grooming, changing clothes, washing clothes or utensils, smoking, soliciting, clogging plumbing, rearranging equipment or furniture. (CPC §370; Fresno Co. Code §13.24.010(A)(7))
  • Theft or vandalism to Library property, or the personal property of library patrons or staff.(CPC §484; CPC §490.5; CPC §594)
  • Fraudulent use of another patron's library card and/or account number for any purpose, including to reserve computers. (CPC §490.5)
  • Failure to check out library materials before exiting the building. (CPC §490.5)
  • Failure to be fully clothed, including shirts and shoes.
  • Emitting strong, pervasive odors, including odors caused by perfume or cologne that unreasonably interfere with library user or staff comfort, safety, use or peaceful enjoyment of the library. (CPC §370)
  • Children under the age of 8 years may not be left alone in the Library or on Library grounds at any time. Adequate supervision must be provided by a Responsible Party. (Unattended Children Policy)
  • Adults loitering in the children's room.
  • Failure by a caregiver to supervise anyone unable to care for, or be responsible for, himself or herself.
  • Public intoxication, such as consuming or being under the influence of controlled or illegal substances. (CPC §647(f); FMC §9-2502; Fresno Co. Code §13.24.010(8)(1))
  • Smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco, inside the building or within 20 feet of library windows or entrances. (CA Govt Code §7597)
  • Loitering on library premises or property or unauthorized presence in staff-designated areas. (CPC §555.2)
  • Blocking or obstructing library entrances, exits, lobby areas, staircases, aisles or walkways, either in person or by placing objects where they cause blockage or obstruction. (Fresno Co. Code §13.24.010(A)(10); §CPC 602.1)
  • Campaigning, petitioning, soliciting or distributing related materials inside the Library.
  • Illegal activities of any kind including Illegal use of internet-accessible devices.
  • Possession or use of controlled or illegal substances. (CPC §647(f))
  • Leaving personal belongings unattended inside or outside the facility. (Fresno Co. Code §13.24.010(A)(13))
  • Animals, other than certified service animals as defined by the US Department of Justice. (CA Civil Code §54.1 (c); Fresno Co. Code §13.24.010.B.2)
  • Use of any wheeled or motorized recreational vehicle not licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (such as: roller skates, scooters, skateboards, bicycles or other similar devices) inside or outside on library property. This section shall not apply to the use of any wheeled or motorized vehicle utilized by disabled persons.
  • Weapons of any kind (including "Concealed to Carry" authorized items). (Fresno Co. Code §13.24.010(A)(2))

The foregoing is not intended to be a complete list of unacceptable behaviors but is intended for guidance only. Persons who violate this Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the Library. Failure to comply with requests will result in suspension from the Library premises, up to and including a permanent ban from all County Library facilities.

Individuals are also expected to adhere to the codes and regulations governing Fresno County, the State of California and the Federal government of the United States.

rev. 01/2020