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Rader's Science Sites
Clear and simple explanations for all types of science


Biomes and Ecosystems
How nature in every place in the world works.

Forces of Nature
Natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

LearningExpress Science Skills Improvement [library card needed]

Access e-resources for high school-level biology and chemistry, including practice tests.

 MasterFILE Complete  [library card needed]
Articles from magazines, newspapers, books, and primary sources on a wide range of subjects.

Field Guides from the Field Museum
Guides to plants, animals algae, fungi and lichens.

Prehistoric World
The world of dinosaurs, brought to you by National Geographic.

ScienceFlix [library card needed]

Science information for homework and general interest, for kids ages 10-16. ScienceFlix is curriculum-driven, with interactive features, content divided by reading levels, and intuitive navigation.
This resource or parts of this resource may NOT work with Internet Explorer.

Science Reference Center [library card needed]

Easy access to comprehensive, full-text science-oriented content.

Interactive Guide to the Human Body
Just what is going on inside of us?

Experiments & Science Fairs

Which Science Project is Right for You?
Take this quiz to find out.

Cool Science Fair Projects
Ideas listed by grade and difficulty level.

Home Experiments
Bend water, make raisins dance, create gloopy slime, and more.

Science Fair Project Guide
How to conduct a science experiment and communicate your results.