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LearningExpress School Center      [library card needed]

Access language arts tutorials, e-books, and practice tests (divided by grade level) to improve your reading and writing skills.

How to Write a Research Paper
Easy step-by-step instructions.

Bib Me
Working on your bibliography? Use a form to properly cite your sources.

Grammar Glossary
The basics of grammar essental for writing successfully.

Info Please Writing Center
How to write almost any type of paper.



AR Book Finder
For students, parents and teachers; find all the AR info associated with the book you want.

World Mythology and Folklore websites
Mythology and folklore from around the world.

Literary Reference Center [library card needed]
Literary criticism and info on authors and books. Plus some full text classics if you get really desperate.

MasterFILE Complete [library card needed]
Articles from magazines, newspapers, books, and primary sources on a wide range of subjects.

Poetry Archive
Poems and poets by the thousands.


Making Sense of the Classics