Centennial Farms Information

The intent of this program is to identify and recognize farms throughout Fresno County which have been in existence for 100 years or more.

A centennial farm is any farm which...

  1. Has been owned by a member or members of the same family related by blood or marriage for substantially all of the 100 year period prior to application.  The property shall have been devoted to agricultural use for such 100 year period and the present owner or owners are related by blood or marriage to the owner of the property 100 years ago and engage in managing the farm.

  2. In the event the present owner is a corporation, the majority stock of such corporation must be owned by the person or persons related by blood or marriage to the owner of the property 100 years ago.

  3. Minor additions or deletions to the property during the 100 year period shall not disqualify it.

  4. A farm includes all land under one management arrangement which has at least $1,000 worth of agricultural production or sales or expenses for production of agricultural products during the most recent calendar year.

Centennial Farms Inventory

  • Burton Farm - est 12/22/1903
  • Blacksill Farm - est 1895
  • Charles B. Drake Ranch - Squaw Valley, CA 93675
  • Eskelsen Farm - est 10/06/1911
  • Gefvert Ranch - Fresno, CA 93706
  • Fortune Family Farm - est 04/14/1910
  • Harlan Ranch - Riverdale, CA 93656
  • John G. Goode Ranch - Fowler, CA 93626
  • Kreyenhagen Ranch - Coalinga, CA 93210
  • Levis Ranch - Selma 93662
  • Missouri Hill Ranch - Fresno, CA 93725
  • Richard W. and Barbara J. Milton Farm - Reedley, CA 93654
  • Reese Davis Ranch - Selma 93662
  • Schultz Ranch, Inc. - Burrel, CA 93607

Click here for the printable application form

Please send completed application to:

Karen Coletti
Fresno County Public Library
2420 Mariposa Street
Fresno, CA 93721

If you have questions, please call Karen Coletti at (559) 600-6237