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What we do:

The Fresno County Historical Landmarks and Records Commission (HLRC) maintains a list of county historic property and landmarks, a list of businesses in operation for 100 or more years, and a list of farms that have been in operation in the same family for 100 or more years, and a list of communities in existence for 100 years or more. The HLRC advises the Fresno County Board of Supervisors on the preservation and designation of such items, as well as recommendations on the preservation, retention, and storage of government records to insure the preservation of historic county records.

Who we are:

The Fresno County Historical Landmarks & Records Commission (HLRC) was created in 1965 following authorizing legislation by the State of California. The commission is comprised of 17 members. Five (5) members are appointed to represent a supervisorial district. Twelve are appointed upon nomination by the commission as a result of the nomination process. Appointments are made by the Board of Supervisors. A term of office is four years.

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