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Legacy: the Mexican American Poetry Movement in Fresno

In the footsteps of those who have gone before…


Andres Montoya
Omar Luis Salinas
Ernesto Trejo

Andres Montoya
1968 -1999

Luis Omar Salinas

Ernesto Trejo



Breaking New Ground Poetry Readings & Discussions

Saturday, October 22, 2011
2-4 p.m. @ the Gillis Branch Library


Daniel Chacon
David Dominguez
Blas Manuel De Luna
Marisol Baca
Teresa Tarazi
Michael Medrano
Maceo Montoya
James Tyner

Cover photo: Down at the Santa Fe Depot: 20 Fresno Poets


In Fresno there is movement of literature, of poetry, that is laced with the history and tradition of the Mexican American culture.  It comes in waves, thick with creativity and experimentation, and serves as a guiding light to those who follow in those footsteps.

Omar Luis Salinas appeared in the book “Down at the Santa Fe Depot: 20 Fresno Poets.”  A Mexican American poet along side such writers as William Saroyan, Philip Levine, Peter Everwine, Ernesto Trejo and others.  Salinas served as an inspiration to a generation.

Later there were others like Andres Montoya, the Chacon brothers and Teresa Tarazi. They started groups and movements like the Chicano Writers and Artists Association which changed the flow of poetry and made every day things like being an ice worker both powerful and changing.

And it’s happening again – young poets taking this history and making it their own. Strong voices like David Dominguez, Michael Medrano, and Marisol Baca.  Join us on October 22, for Legacy: The Mexican American Poetry Movement in Fresno.

James Tyner, poet and Gillis Branch Library staff member, tells more about the event and reads one of his own poems.


Celebrate the work of more local poets at the Gillis Branch Library in October. Kelly Vang is talking about her new book, Star Watchers on October 15, at 2 p.m. James Tyner will read his poetry from a variety of publications on October 29, at 2 p.m.