2015 Annual Report
"A library is not a luxury but one of the
necessities of life"
- Henry Ward Beecher
The Library's service area is over 6,000 square miles.
There were 306,507 registered Library users last year
and 4,175,236 checkouts.
There are 39 branches throughout the County

A Veterans Resources Center; Books by Mail program for the homebound; Homework Help online for all ages;
College Prep Centers for teens and adults; online resources and so much more.
The Library has you covered…There’s something for everyone!

Our website and blogs had over 1.4 million visitors.
There were 418,066 digital checkouts last year.
Free Wi-Fi is available at every branch.

There are 8 Early Learning Centers with four new installations this year.

Last year:
   • 4,872 programs for all ages
   • 237,323 people attended a program!

With an outdoor amphitheatre and an annual music festival, the community of Auberry has every reason to love the library!

Over 6,140 people attended programs,
a 60% increase from last year!

There were firefighters camped everywhere. They were using the Library as a base to fight the fire. - Bear Mountain Customer

This beautiful mountain library, complete with a nature trail and community center, is also home to Bookie the Bear.

The Library shares space with the elementary school and provides services to this remote community.

Big Creek added 137 new customers to the system this year.

Over 3,650 people came into the library last year, and this branch was only open part time!

The town has a population of 1,653.
Biola is one of our school-library partnerships.


Last year the Bookmobile served over 30,000 people who would otherwise not have had access to library services.

Serving the residents of Fresno County for over 50 years

Caruthers is home to the largest free gate fair in California. The Library and Friends of the Library attend this event every year and make wonderful connections with people from all over the state.

Amazing numbers for a rural branch:
   • 52% more programs than last year
   • Nearly 39,000 items checked out this year

An impressive collection of Hmong materials reflects the vibrant diversity of this branch. This branch will soon become the Betty Rodriguez Regional Branch Library, in a new expanded building.

Over 144,050 people used this branch.
Nearly 30,000 computer sessions in one year!

Home to the Library's Veterans Resources Center and the San Joaquin Valley Heritage and Geneology Center, and the new William Saroyan Gallery.

This building serves over 107,000 people! Residents of Clovis are getting a new building nearly 4x the size of this tiny branch.

In FY 14/15 389,623 people came into this branch.

The community benefits from 11% more programs.

Serving the residents of Easton for over a century!
I love the summer programs here and so do my kids! Basantpreet K.

Last year:
   • 19% increase in the number of programs
   • 22% increase in program attendance

The Fig Garden branch boosted the number of programs it hosted by 66%.

Over 344,000 people visited last year and Fig Garden still added more than 27,000 new members.

This powerhouse regional never ceases to impress!

When it gets too busy at the West Hills campus and I need to get my work done, I always come here. - Matias S.
The Library provides a Wi-Fi hub for this community.

Home to rare sculptures and situated inside a town landmark, this is the Library's most remote branch west of Fresno. Firebaugh more than doubled its programs this year, a 112% increase.

The little library that could.
The community raised over $1 million
dollars to get this building constructed.
No surprise, it's always busy!

Last year: 41% increase in program attendance.

William Saroyan loved this branch so much,
he mentioned it in his book, Days of Life and Death and Escape to the Moon.

I would go here right after school. I met my wife here. We fell in love at this branch. George H.

241,496 items checked out this year,
and there were 15,578 new customers added to the system.

This community is a "Gateway to the Westside". It also houses the largest collection of Punjabi materials in North America.

Last year:
   • 90% increase in program attendance
   • Nearly 5,000 people connected to
     Wi-Fi at this branch

There was a 239% increase in program attendance,
and 97,656 customers served.
The Library is one of the few Wi-Fi spots in town.

Serving the community for over 100 years, this branch is a state landmark and a neighborhood icon.

Added 581 new customers to the system.

Provides sole
Wi-Fi hub for the community!

Situated right next door to the high school, the Mendota branch is home to an expansive Spanish collection.
ESL and citizenship classes have been held at this community epicenter.

We need help on our homework and they give it to us. Me and my sister like being able to come here and study, it's safe and my mom ain't worried about us. The staff knows us all.
- Manuel G.

The home of the Gary Soto Collection, this branch is part
of a larger community center.

Last year:
   • Added 4,869 new users
   • 54% increase in program attendance
   • Over 71,000 customers served

Located just outside the meeting room is the "curandero garden", a place where community members grow herbs used for Hispanic folk medicine and healing.

Lightning fast Wi-Fi
4,500 customers use the Wi-Fi here

Last year:
  • 38% increase in materials signed out

This branch is adjacent to City Hall,
the community center, and sits right next door to the middle school.

• 90,265 customers served

Piedra Branch Library brings people from the valley and mountain communities together

Last year:
   • 8% greater circulation

• Free Wi-Fi

Last year:

   • 12% increase in circulation
   • Card games, Manga and massive programs that
     spill out into the community center

As an integral part of the new community center, this branch is a favorite gathering spot for all ages.

My youngest daughter loves the other kids that meet for the Manga club and I like being able spend time with her and her friends. - Gloria J.

Named after famed children's author and Caldecott Award winner Leo Politi, the branch still has books with his own unique embellishments and signature.

More than 112,768 people use this branch each year.
There was a 9% increase in program attendance over last year.

Close to Reedley College, this branch sees a heavy influx of students.

The Reedley Branch is slated for a new building to better accommodate the growing community.

There was a 161% increase in program attendance.

This little community still sees steady growth. The branch added 1969 new members this year.

This is the only place in town that offers dedicated Wi-Fi, plus it is home to an oversized undergarment signed by none other than Dav Pilkey!

Riverdale increased the number of programs it had this fiscal year by 33%

My son used this place almost every day and now he is off to college. I go all the time for Punjabi books and English books. Everyone in the community knows that using this place means success for you in life. Ranjit S.

There was a 314% increase in the number of programs!
The Library is the only source for Wi-Fi,
PCs and unlimited access to information.

Last year:
   • 42% greater programming attendance
   • 60% more programs
   • 174,148 people served

Last year:
   • 32% greater attendance at programs
   • 136,214 people used this library
Located in the heart of old Selma across from the community park, the Selma Branch Library provides extended hours for its citizens.

This community center provides Facebook classes for seniors and technophobes alike, and has a big collection of large print books.

There were 13% more programs and
871 new customers added at this location.

A regular community partner of the Central Sierra History Society, this branch has many educational programs for its residents.

Last year:

   • 671% leap in the total number of programs
   • 24% greater circulation
   • 530% jump in the number of people
     attending programs

A full self-service kiosk is open 7 days per week. An extra 5,460 hours of service with over 7,500 checkouts.

Last year 162,630 people used this library, and there was a 52% increase in program attendance.

The Library meets specialized needs of the entire Central Valley.
Almost 81,000 checkouts last year.

Another joint use branch on school property, Teague Branch proudly serves students and the greater community.

Huge increases in circulation and total usage every single month!

For such a tiny branch, almost 4,000 yearly checkouts is an incredible figure.

There was an 8% increase in circulation and 93% more
programs than last year. It is the only place in town to offer Wi-Fi.

This Library shares space with several other County agencies in a joint use facility.

West Fresno offered 67% more programs over last year and had a 34% increase in programming attendance.

Over 16,600 people enjoyed programs here.
There were 59,991 items checked out in one month…the highest circulation of any branch!

Woodward is one of the busiest branches in the system.

Going anywhere and everywhere, the WoW! team is the first of its kind for any library. It's completely mobile and brings 21st century service to everyone in the community.

Last year:
   • 146 programs and outreach events conducted
   • 13,604 people served this year

The Fresno County Public Library is a place where every member of the community has a stake. From our family to yours, let's make every year one worth celebrating. Thank you for celebrating this year's accomplishments with us.

~Laurel Prysiazny
County Librarian
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