Clubs and Organizations in Fresno

Q: How do I locate clubs and organizations in Fresno?
A: Locating clubs and organizations can be tricky. Here are some places to begin.

Central Valley Internet Project: This source has a wealth of information about what is happening in Fresno. Located on the Internet at just select "City Guide" at the bottom of the page and choose Fresno or any of the cities in the Valley. The Internet can be accessed from any branch of the Fresno County Public Library.

Fresno County Resource Guide: This guide is published by the Fresno Chamber of Commerce and a copy is kept at the Reference Desk of the Fresno County Library's Central Branch. Besides the chapter on "Clubs & Organizations" there are other chapters on "Industry," "International Trade," and "Top Employers."

Reference USA: This subscription database is found on the Library's internet homepage at It can be accessed from any County Library branch and, with your library card, it can be used from your home computer. Select the business database and custom search option. Click on "county" and "YP Heading" in the creation of your search form. Search under "Clubs" and also "Organizations."

Valley Life: Each August the Fresno Bee newspaper publishes this supplement containing chapters on People, Health, Religion, Communities, Recreation, Business, Education, and Entertainment listing organizations in each area. The most current edition is available at the Reference Desk of the Fresno County Public Library Central Branch.

Search Strategy: Still unable to find a local chapter of a national organization? A possible solution is to check the webpage of the national organization. Often organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for example will have a listing of local or regional chapters.