Start a Business in Fresno County

Q: How Do I Start a Business in Fresno County?
A: Much information is available online and in print form for prospective business owners. Various permits and/or licenses may be required, depending on the type of new business. Generally, a city business tax certificate or permit is required within city limits. Certain types of businesses may require additional permits. For these certificates and permits in the City of Fresno, see as well as available in English and Spanish.
Other city contacts are as follows:
Contact the City Hall of other cities in Fresno County:; ;

A special business permit may be required in unincorporated areas of Fresno County. Contact the Auditor Controller/Tax Collector, Treasurers Division, 2281 Tulare Street, Room 105, P.O. Box 1247, Fresno, CA 93715-1247. 559-488-3487.

To register a fictitious business name in Fresno County, see Information on fictitious business names in Fresno County

The CalGOLD database ( provides detailed information on the above and all other California business permit, license and registration requirements from all levels of government. Search this database by location and by type of business.

Q: How Can I Finance My Business?
A: The following Web sites provide a wealth of ideas on financing new businesses:

The following titles are examples of books available at the Fresno County Public Library which contain extensive information on financing new businesses:
Financing Your Business
Raising Capital for Dummies

Q: Where Can I Get More Information Including Sample Business Plans As Well As Workshops?
A: Sample business plans are available at:
The library has books such as: Business Plans Handbook and Small Business Start-Up Kit for California.

Workshop information is available at Central Valley Business Incubator ( 559-292-9033

For more help contact the Fresno County Public Library at 559-488-3195.