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Finalizing Selections

There are four possible ways to finalize selections.

Continue the past approach of identifying and implementing highest priority projects and proceeding on 6 at a time. A sample based on current activity is in the chart below. [ Chart : MS Doc format]

Work on aspects of multiple projects, especially securing sites for all locations over the next ten years. The chart below illustrates how this could be done. Land acquisition ranges from very simple in a case where an existing site can be used to very complex. More complex acquisitions take longer and delay projects.

Time Frame Branch Recommended Action
2003 - complete Caruthers Underway
2003 - complete Laton Underway
2003 - Bond Act Application Mendota Underway
2003 - Bond Act Application Fowler Underway
2004 - complete Woodward Underway
2003-2004 Central Land Study underway, RFP being prepared for Architect
2003-2005 Branch A Work with City and Real Property to identify new sites, begin needs assessment, establish citizen's committee to help with service design and site selection
2003-2005 Branch A Evaluate current site for expansion, begin needs assessment,
establish citizen's committee to help with service design
2003-2005 Etc. Etc.

Take advantage of unexpected funding opportunities and/or gifts for specific locations. If a private or public donor offers a gift, projects can proceed quickly. Such donations could serve as matching funds for a bond act and enable a library to be built, which would not otherwise be possible.

A combination of options above.

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